Let’s start this little historical piece out by letting you know that the Del Mar Skate Ranch was not the best built skatepark of it’s era. Got it?
  • Kyle Jensen, Backside Air. Del Mar Keyhole Circa 1978.
    Photo: J. Grant Brittain

  • Bill Billing's coyote, Frontside Grind Del Mar Skate Ranch Kidney Bowl AKA. Kona Bowl.
    Photo: J. Grant Brittain

  • Dave Swift, Evening Fakie Footplant in the World Famous DMSR Keyhole.
    Photo: J. Grant Brittain

  • Mark "Gator" Rogowski, Frontside Grind in the late evening Keyhole.
    Photo: J. Grant Brittain

  • Owen Nieder, Frontside grind in the Kona Bowl Circa 1987.

  • The one and only Reese Simpson blazing 500mph frontside Grind Kona Bowl Circa 1985.
    Photo: J. Grant Brittan

  • The Last Day...
    Photo: Dave Swift

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